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8 Components of an Effective File Naming Convention

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a file name that not only contains helpful information but helps to organize your assets the right way? Wonder no longer. Read more to find out the 8 components of an effective file naming convention.
DAM Best Practices

5 Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Metadata

Metadata is a buzzword being thrown around the business world, but do you know how to deploy it the right way? We provide 5 metadata best practices for using the tool to its greatest value.
DAM Best Practices

Tips for Enriching Digital Assets

The secret to making your assets more available to everyone in your organization? Enriching your assets with meaningful and consistent metadata.
DAM Best Practices

The Importance of Identifying Company Language

Before you choose your DAM, the process, and the people in charge, understanding your company's language had to take precedence.

What Is Culling and Tools That Can Help

The process of culling is one that photographers of any skill level are all too familiar with. In a perfect world, every capture is perfectly in focus, our compositions follow every rule to the T, and our subjects never have to blink.
DAM Best Practices

What Is Metadata

DAM Resources: When it comes to finding your digital assets, metadata is king and today, we explain what it is, and why it matters.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Asset Management

In digital asset management, the Artificial Intelligence vs Humans debate continues to gather steam as the machines get smarter and smarter.
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How to Organize Digital Assets for Efficient Search

Finding the right digital asset is getting harder. Today we explore how you can organize your digital assets to improve search.

Photography Focus: Managing Digital Assets From Shoot to Delivery

As a photographer, managing digital assets is a full time job. Today we discuss 4 ways you can make the process even better for your clients.
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How to Create and Apply Effective File Names

Establishing a solid file naming strategy in your company can lead to a more organized, searchable, and future-proof library of assets.

How DAM Helps Your Business Embrace Growth

The tools and processes of Digital Asset Management make your business’ growth easier to attain through focus on scalability and growth.
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How Do I Clean My Dirty Data Quickly?

Data has become a buzzword across so many industries. In Digital Asset Management metadata is king, but what happens when your data is dirty?
Planning and Strategy

The DAM Grocery Store: Taxonomy & Keywords

Using a simple analogy, your team can create efficient and effective search by developing an internal taxonomy and master keywords.
DAM Best Practices

Tips for Tackling a Massive Backlog of Assets

Without proper management and standards, your organization's backlog can become a mountain of assets that is impossible to sort through.