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DAM 101

Understanding the Differences between a DAM System, DAM Platform, and DAM Program

You may have heard the phrases DAM system, DAM platform, and DAM program used interchangeably. At Stacks, all of these things are different, so we went to the trouble of defining all of them for you.
DAM 101

Demystifying DAM: What does “Taxonomy” Mean?

You may have heard the term "taxonomy" thrown around as you began building your DAM program and been confused or lost as to what it meant. Read more below to understand the definition of taxonomies and how to build them.
DAM Best Practices

How Does Stacks Work with NFL Teams and Sports Leagues?

How does Stacks work with NFL teams and other leagues to optimize gameday workflows and overall DAM programs so that highlights and stunning photos find their way to your feeds as soon as possible?

Common File Types and Best Practices for Managing Them

File types are confusing. Read more about the differences between file types, as well as the nuance of managing these different types of assets to grow your brand.
DAM Best Practices

Managing File Formats and Asset Templates with Digital Asset Management

Nowadays it seems like every platform your team uses to leverage digital content requires different file formats. Managing these requirements without cluttering your DAM system or personal hard drives with many versions of the same file is difficult. Read here to find out the five steps your DAM manager can take to make formatting easy.

7 Ways To Capitalize on Your Organization’s Valuable Video Content Using DAM Principles

Video content is some of the most shared and viewed in today's marketplace. This means that the high-quality video assets in your library are among some of the most valuable. Make sure that you capitalize on this value by implementing a robust DAM program into your business.
DAM 101

Benefits of Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Museums and Archives

Need to gain better control over the objects in your collection and the digital assets related to them? DAM can help! Read here to learn how building a DAM program can enable your archive team to increase efficiency and spend more time doing what they love.

How Do DAM and E-Commerce Brands and Workflows Interact?

E-commerce is the future of consumer goods brands all over the world, no matter what they sell. Learn how DAM can empower your e-commerce tools, workflows, and platforms.
Beginner's Guide to DAM

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps Sports Teams and Leagues

In sports, content may be king more than any other industry. Learn how to capitalize on the buzz your team creates on the field, ice, or court by putting digital asset management to use.
DAM Best Practices

File Naming Best Practices: What Should My File Names Look Like?

Anyone who has spent an afternoon cleaning out their downloads folder knows that file names matter. Creating a standard convention, applying them, and managing them is complex, though. Learn the best practices for file naming here!

DAM Resources to Empower and Energize Your Branding Efforts

With branding efforts growing increasingly important to customer engagement and retention, and depending more and more on compelling content, digital asset management practices also grow in importance. Use these resources to optimize your DAM program to ensure a flourishing brand.
DAM Best Practices

File Version Control Within Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Like Hollywood rebooting famous movies, brands consistently update and change their branding, creating tons of different versions of assets. Learn how to manage these versions of files with digital asset management.

5 Reasons to Build a DAM Program Using Your Creative Content Instead of Purchasing Stock Assets

Stock images are used by many organizations across a multitude of use cases. They can be expensive and may not fit your brand identity and voice, however. Read how an effective DAM program can lead to reduced usage of stock images and save your brand money.
DAM Best Practices

Ensure Brand Consistency Through a Unified Asset Approval Process

With a proper DAM program, there are many built-in lines of defense against off-brand content reaching the marketplace. A formal asset approval process, however, all but guarantees this doesn't happen. Learn how to built that process here.

How DAM Empowers Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing builds trust and loyalty in consumers as you consistently provide valuable content that tells your brand's story. Find out how your team can empower these efforts and unify your content to get these efforts off the ground.
DAM 101

8 Components of an Effective File Naming Convention

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a file name that not only contains helpful information but helps to organize your assets the right way? Wonder no longer. Read more to find out the 8 components of an effective file naming convention.
DAM 101

6 Tips for Implementing Controlled Vocabulary in your Keywords

Applying keyword tags to your digital assets is vital for the efficiency of your workflows, but takes time, energy, and consistency. To make this process easy on your users and the system easier to manage, implement a controlled vocabulary for your metadata!
DAM Management

5 Ways to Avoid Getting into Legal Trouble With Rights Management

Do you know who created your assets, when they created them, when and where you can use them, and how to give the proper credit? Is your team able to quickly know which assets are approved and which aren't? If not, learn how to use your DAM system to get on top of and stay on top of rights management.

How Do I Get My Team to Use Our DAM?

Just like that ugly, ill-fitting sweater you get for Christmas, DAM systems sometimes sit in the closet unused, despite the time, money, and energy invested in building them. Learn how to motivate your end-users to adopt new and improved systems.
DAM Best Practices

Tips for Enriching Digital Assets

The secret to making your assets more available to everyone in your organization? Enriching your assets with meaningful and consistent metadata.
DAM 101

Three Visual Asset Management Issues Companies of Any Size Face and How to Fix Them Today

Do you feel alone in your struggles to manage your organization's valuable digital assets? We've got a secret for you: You're not. Find out what the most common issues organizations of all shapes and sizes face and how we've seen them overcome them.
DAM Best Practices

The Importance of Identifying Company Language

Before you choose your DAM, the process, and the people in charge, understanding your company's language had to take precedence.
DAM Best Practices

What Is Metadata

DAM Resources: When it comes to finding your digital assets, metadata is king and today, we explain what it is, and why it matters.
Planning and Strategy

Digital Asset Management: Why Process is the Key to Platform

When it comes to digital asset management, process reigns. We explain the importance of nailing process before picking a DAM platform.
DAM 101

Answering “What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?” with 3 Simple Definitions

In our intro to digital asset management, we look at core concepts, questions DAM answers and what DAM looks like in practice.
DAM Best Practices

How to Organize Digital Assets for Efficient Search

Finding the right digital asset is getting harder. Today we explore how you can organize your digital assets to improve search.
Planning and Strategy

Working with a Digital Asset Management Consultant

Learn the benefit of working with digital asset management consultants and the value they can bring your assets and organization.
DAM Best Practices

How to Create and Apply Effective File Names

Establishing a solid file naming strategy in your company can lead to a more organized, searchable, and future-proof library of assets.
DAM Best Practices

Establishing Folder Structure Best Practices

Establishing folder structure best practices will help you find the assets you need quickly and efficiently. Today we take a look at the best way to build out a folder structure from scratch and launch it within your organization.
DAM 101

Save the Shoot, Build a Robust DAM Platform

How brands can look within, find valuable and often siloed creative assets, and build a robust DAM of creative assets they already own.
Planning and Strategy

Who are DAM End-Users & Why Do They Matter?

End-Users are important components of the DAM system, as they make, search for, and put assets to use. Learn how to identify and manage them.
DAM Management

Responsibilities of a DAM Manager

If you are looking for a DAM manager for your organization, define what responsibilities they have and what skills they need to fulfill them.
DAM Management

Best Practices for Managing DAM Permissions

Security is a core principle of DAM. In order to keep your assets safe, learn how to manage permissions for users within and without.
Planning and Strategy

The DAM Grocery Store: Building a Folder Structure

Brainstorming a folder structure with your stakeholders can be messy. To make the process easier, step into the DAM grocery store.
Planning and Strategy

The DAM Grocery Store: Taxonomy & Keywords

Using a simple analogy, your team can create efficient and effective search by developing an internal taxonomy and master keywords.