Fractional DAM Management

More DAM firepower, consistently

If your digital team needs more DAM firepower on a monthly basis, our monthly plans are perfect for you. We can spearhead projects or offer support where you need it most.

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Consistent DAM help, wherever you need it

Which plan works best for you?

Fractional DAM Librarian

~20 Hours / Month

This role is primarily used to provide bandwidth for asset tagging. If your team needs support with the regular ingestion of assets into the DAM system, including the collection, enrichment, culling, renaming, and placement into the DAM, our team is happy to help. Our DAM Librarians are detail-oriented, trained in DAM, equipped with relevant tools, and supported by our team of DAM Managers and Project Managers.

Fractional DAM Administrator

~40 Hours / Month

Led by our DAM Managers, these projects are best for organizations that have a stable DAM system but don't have team members experienced enough to govern it. Our DAM Managers, supported by a team of DAM Librarians and monthly check-ins from Senior DAM Consultants, will help not only with asset ingestion, but will also be available to your team for regular check ins and health reports, identifying opportunities and threats, and administration of user groups and permissions.

Fractional / Part-Time DAM Consultant

~60-80 Hours / Month

If you need the expertise of a Senior DAM Consultant at the tip of your fingers, with the backing of a team of experienced and detail-oriented individuals, but don't want to hire, onboard, and pay a full-time employee, this is the level for you. Our Senior DAM Consultants can regularly train users or answer questions in weekly office hours, audit your systems and library regularly to flag gaps and weaknesses, and make regular adjustments to DAM standards both in documentation and in the system itself.

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Our range of consultations are perfect for teams just getting started in DAM or those needing a little help with their current solutions. We can help you find your next DAM, set up a working environment for you and your team, or provide therapy to get you back on track.

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DAM Implementations

Need to migrate all of your assets onto your new DAM or build out the DAM you currently use as a dumping ground? Our build and migration services will help you and your team maximize your assets regardless of platform.

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