DAM Matchmaker

Find the right DAM, for you.

With so many fantastic DAM platforms on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? Let Stacks get to know your team, and we’ll make introductions to the right fit, for your team or organization.

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How we find the right match

Let our DAM experts guide you through the steps of an RFP with a few quick and simple activities.

Technical Requirements

Some teams know exactly what they need, while others aren’t even sure what questions to ask. We take the guesswork out of scoping.

User Stories

Stacks wants to understand how your users will interact with your DAM - why do they come there, what do they need to find, how will it be used?

Introductions & Support

Stacks will present our top picks for your org, introduce your team to the platforms of your choice, and we’ll be there to support you until a contract is signed.

After working with Stacks, they were able to get us going on a DAM system that ended up being much better and cheaper than both of the systems we originally chose. Along with DAM selection, Stacks supported us with our asset structure and taxonomy.”

Shilpam Shah, Banyan Botanicals

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