DAM Kick Start

Build it right the first time.

Start your DAM v1 on the right foot by working with Stacks to build a fully functional sandbox on-platform and put it to the test before you launch.

A drawing of a man and a woman organizing sticky notes on a workflow planning board.

Workshop, test, and iterate

Stacks will guide your core team through a series of workshops to gather your technical needs, metadata and taxonomy, and user groups and permissions and build a fully functional, testable beta DAM for you to test.

Once your team has had a chance to review and provide feedback, Stacks will conduct further testing and user interviews with a larger group in your organization to ensure all use cases and workflows have been accounted for ensuring that your V1 will be ready for prime time.

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DAM Matchmaker

With so many fantastic DAM platforms on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? Let Stacks get to know your team, and we’ll make introductions to the right fit, for you.

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DAM Therapy

Don’t break up with your DAM! Join Stacks in a collaborative process to uncover the underlying issues preventing mass adoption and high user satisfaction.

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