DAM Therapy

Don't break up with your DAM.

Even with the best intentions, every DAM has its moment when users get frustrated, or assets just get out of hand, and the nicely organized file system suddenly becomes a junk drawer. It’s ok - Stacks is here to help.

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More fun than actual therapy, but just as effective

Just like many other aspects of life, Digital Asset Management isn't always smooth sailing. While some may feel that new technology will always solve problems, the grass may not always be greener on the other side. More often than not, adjusting processes, improving workflows and increasing adoption can lead to incredible results. No new platform demos. No shopping for the next best thing. Just a bit of Therapy to help get you and your team back on your DAM feet.

Let’s talk about it

Stacks will run your core users through a series of user testing feedback sessions and interviews to determine the best next steps for your DAM program to implement to improve user experience and sentiment–all of which will be measured by our DAM user satisfaction survey at the beginning and end of the engagement.

An individualized care plan

Once the Stacks team has identified the core issues at play, we’ll work with your team to formulate a plan to get your DAM program in tip-top shape.

Whether it’s a metadata audit, keyword tagging, or user training sessions, we’ll present a plan to guide your team and users safely to the other side.

What used to be a messy file organization across multiple servers has now become a magical, lightning-fast repository for all internal media. Anyone in the company can find exactly what they need in seconds! We can also load imagery and pull it down in near real time for special events. It has vastly improved our internal process!

Fletcher Caldwell, CoStar Group

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