Product Information Management (PIM) System

What is a PIM System?

Product Information Systems directly service any teams in an organization that deal in product information. This information includes technical specifications, data around the product’s usage, testimonials and reviews, and images, videos, and PDFs that display the product. PIMs send this information directly to the organization’s ecommerce platform, sales applications, or print publications. Salespeople and retailers are the core users of these systems, pulling product information to send to suppliers and consumers alike.

How do PIM Systems and DAM Programs Connect?

While it may seem redundant to have a PIM system and a DAM program, you'll find that a DAM system sometimes lacks the flexibility to accurately store and sort all the information about each of your products. With a DAM that is seamlessly integrated with a PIM system, your team will have one source of truth to go to for digital information, product information, and project management. This reduces the time spent searching through emails, Slack, cloud drives, or hard drives for product images or important distribution information your team needs.