What is Enrichment?

Enriching digital assets is simply the process of applying appropriate metadata to those assets. It is a vital step in the asset lifecycle, and must be done to ensure that your library remains searchable and your assets accessible to your end-users. While enrichment can be time consuming, your team can make the process more efficient by standardizing the types of metadata you want attached to your assets and where in the lifecycle it is applied.

Tips for Enrichment

  • Make a plan. Without guidance as to what to enrich, when, and in what way, the metadata in your library will be inconsistent and often nonexistent. Develop a controlled vocabulary, master keyword list, and standardized process for whoever will enrich assets.
  • Quality Control. This activity is at the heart of any healthy DAM program. Regularly test the strength and fruit of your enrichment efforts by searching different keywords and evaluating the results.
  • Check out our blog! You can read more about the enrichment process here. We have articles about metadata, controlled vocabularies, and how to get the most out of your DAM program.