DAM Program

What is a DAM Program?

Where DAM is a concept, a DAM program is the application of the concept to the real world. Every DAM program is unique, as it harnesses the common traits and tools of DAM for the benefit of each individual organization. Every brand has different needs, different assets, and different ways of using them.

While the tools and some high-level principles remain the same, the way they play out uniquely defines your DAM program. For example, some organizations use cloud-based software managed by a single, full-time DAM manager, while others use on-premise solutions managed by a governing team. No matter what it looks like, the core values stay the same: security, searchability, scalability, value, and understanding. 

How can I get started building a DAM Program?

A healthy DAM program is not defined by a single workflow, software, or set of users. It is important to begin by understanding that in order to maximize the value of your digital assets and resources while maintaining scalability, you must look at your organization as a whole. Start by mapping your current, holistic program for managing digital assets. Take into about people, processes, and platforms. Where does it fall short? How can it be improved? Along with some core stakeholders, cast a vision for what an ongoing DAM program looks like.