Controlled Vocabulary

What is a Controlled Vocabulary?

A controlled vocabulary, or what we like to call a Master Keyword List, is a list of search terms for a specific group or category of assets. A controlled vocabulary should fit within your overall corporate taxonomy, or way of speaking. These keywords are the methods by which your end-users will search for and tag assets. With simple and straightforward keyword lists readily available, finding specific assets quickly or filtering a large folder down to a few options is easier than ever.

Example of a Controlled Vocabulary

While your corporate taxonomy defines the overall way your organization speaks, searches, enriches, and categorizes assets, controlled vocabularies allow your users to put this language into action. For example, a sports team may have a controlled vocabulary around action words that their users can use to narrow search results. The words on this list could include Pass (rather than “throw”), Catch, Tackle, Sack, Field Goal, Celebration, and Touchdown. These are not the only terms users would search, however. There would be other controlled vocabularies for locations, people, and photo type.