Content Management System (CMS)

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Simply put, a CMS is how your team manages your company’s website. It is the back end interface or software that allows you to edit, build, or delete content from your site. It stores your templates, collections, information, images, videos, and graphics, and allows you to deploy them to build a beautiful and compelling website to draw consumers and tell them who you are.

How Do My DAM Program and CMS Interact?

In the visual and digital age we live in, as well as the popularity of “minimalist” website designs, the photos, videos, and creative materials that live on your website are vital to it’s success. If these assets are not in the right format or resolution, if they don’t fit the aesthetic you’re aiming for or reflect you brand’s identity, they could lead to a confusing or less effective experience for a user. For this reason, your digital asset management (DAM) system should be the centerpiece of your content storage and where your end-users go to retrieve assets to place on the website using the CMS. Many DAM platforms integrate directly with popular CMS tools.