Why another Beginner’s Guide to DAM?

We’ve had amazing conversations with brands big and small over the years about digital asset management. The idea of a Beginner’s Guide to DAM isn’t a new one. However,  after hearing the same questions over and over, we knew we could provide some guidance.

What is DAM

Our goal is always to ensure teams are maximizing the value of their prized digital assets. This may sound easy but the truth is most organization’s workflows and their asset pipelines aren’t as straightforward as they seem.

  • Our assets are everywhere! How do we migrate all our assets to one place?
  • We picked a DAM, but it’s just a dumping ground for all of our assets.
  • Can we choose who has access to what? We deal a lot with assets that expire. How do we ensure no one uses old assets?
  • We waste so much money recreating assets that we know already exist.
  • How do we build a folder structure?
  • What words should we use to keyword our assets?

Stacks was born out of the problems and questions above.

With this increased demand in organization came an increased demand from non-traditional digital asset management industry professionals seeking help. Every company may not have a dedicated DAM Manager, but nearly every company with a digital footprint will touch digital asset management in one way or another.

This increased demand inspired us to put together a short and sweet Beginner’s Guide to DAM. The goal is to help those that may be new to DAM understand the landscape further.

For our Beginner’s Guide to Digital Asset Management, check out the links below. If you’re new to DAM, we recommend starting with Part 1: What is DAM?

More from The Beginner's Guide to DAM

What is DAM?

New to digital asset management? Start here to learn what exactly DAM is and why any team looking to get organized should consider putting it into practice.

The Benefits of DAM

With an understanding of what digital asset management actually is, it’s now good to really understand how powerful it can, the problems it aims to solve and the ROI it can provide.

DAM Platforms

Now that you understanding the what as well as the benefits, you may be wondering what technology is right for you. In our third part of the Beginner’s Guide to DAM, we look at DAM Platforms and what you can expect from them.

Process and Standards

Before you begin migrating assets onto a new DAM platform, it’s important to know what words will be used in your controlled vocabulary, what your folder structure will look like, who has permission to see certain areas and more.

Implementing DAM

Armed with a strong knowledge of Digital Asset Management fundamentals, it’s now time to put it all together and implement your new DAM program.

May 10, 2023
Beginner's Guide to DAM

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Beginner's Guide to DAM


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