A digital asset management tool isn’t just a platform. It isn’t just a project your team undertakes to build. It’s an ongoing and ever-expanding program that sits at the heart of your organization’s overall content strategy. This includes Creative, Marketing, Sales, PR, and even internal objectives. If this program isn’t set up well from the beginning, it will be impossible to manage effectively. A healthy DAM program provides significant ROI to brands, including the ability to quickly find, use, and share consistent and on-brand content to the right channel at the right time. Unhealthy DAM programs do the opposite. They slow down almost every workflow involving content, wasting valuable time. 

Because effectively setting up and managing your digital asset management program is so important, two of our DAM Managers, Maddy Synoground and Andrea Barrera, sat down with Suzie Fountain, Customer Success Team Lead at IntelligenceBank, one of the leading DAM platform providers to discuss what a healthy DAM program looks like and how to manage it.

May 17, 2022

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