About Stacks

Our Mission:

Make Digital Asset Management Easy.

Our Core Values:

  • Say-Do - We are looking for someone who is able to clearly organize and communicate what they are able to do and when they are able to do it, as well as follow through on their word with detail, precision, and efficiency.

  • Go Beyond - When it comes to serving our clients and the internal team, we hope for everyone at Stacks to go above and beyond in their work, ensuring that clients get the best value and the internal team has all the support they need.

  • Push Forward, Pull Up - Every employee at Stacks must be a trailblazer, pushing forward initiatives and activities to facilitate growth externally and internally, all while putting other employees and clients in a position to grow and succeed themselves.

  • Be Candid - We believe in bringing your whole self to work. Being candid means listening to others, clearly communicating opinions without letting emotion get the better of you, and being honest about how you’re feeling on the job.

Open Positions

There are no open positions at the moment. Check back soon!